Rental LED Display

  • Dance Floor LED Screen

    Dance Floor LED Screen

    1. neat-looking and easy maintenance.The appearance is elegant and smooth, the design is fashionable, it is the perfect display of science and art, the flexible and easy-to-use assembly structure, the box atmosphere, light and thin 2. Integrated power and data cabling...Read More
  • High-end Energy-saving LED Display

    High-end Energy-saving LED Display

    1. light and high precision aluminum cabinet frame,Die-cast aluminum cabinet light weight, reasonable structure, high precision, basic can achieve seamless splicing latest die-casting aluminum screen is not only a simple upgrade traditional display cabinet, comprehensive...Read More
  • P3.9 Multiplex LED Display

    P3.9 Multiplex LED Display

    1. high constract, high brightness (adjustable), high gray scale, high refresh rate, soft images, high-speed animated image display 2. light and slim, small space occupation, saving space rentals and thus maximize the economic profit, more attractive for LED rental display...Read More
  • P2.5 Floor Tile Screen

    P2.5 Floor Tile Screen

    1. low power consumption, power consumption as low as Max.450W/SQM and Avg. 180W/SQM, extremely economic and cost-effiecient 2. fan-less design with good dissipation guarantees, noise-free,Excellent cooling design and performance,The box is light in weight and low...Read More
  • P3 Floor-embedded Display

    P3 Floor-embedded Display

    1. Application field of LED full-color screen rental box: rental company stage performance sports events advertising publicity information release celebration activities hotel entertainment and other fields 2. die-casting aluminum cabinet, with weight of 7.5kg/cabinet,...Read More
  • Front Access LED Display

    Front Access LED Display

    1. Image effect are still of perfect gray level even when brightness are lowered to 20%, showing satisfactory conformity. Gray level under low brightness still presents to almost perfect extent, making its image layer and vividness much higher that traditional display. 2....Read More
  • P3.9 Arc LED Screen

    P3.9 Arc LED Screen

    1. installation methods vary from arc installation, hanging to stacking installation, fly bars or ground bars provide stability for screen, stop the screen from topple and fall, ensuring the safety 2. no noise, providing operation persons a rest zone after installation and...Read More
  • P3 Flexible LED Display

    P3 Flexible LED Display

    1. renovated lock system with inner and outer arc from 0°,±5°to±10°,with flexible application, more choices available for rental equipment suppliers and enlarge theri end client sources 2. lighter and thinner than traditional LED display with the advantage of creative freedom...Read More
  • AV Rental LED Display

    AV Rental LED Display

    1. adopting modularized design, cabinet can be installed and uninstalled quickly and easily, modules can be taken down from both front side and back side, saving time and reduce the needs of maintenance soace, workers do not have to climb up to the back shelf, they can easily...Read More
  • Front Maintainance LED Display

    Front Maintainance LED Display

    1. front maintenance, modules assembly and disassembly from front side; direct error detection and module take-off, shorten error location time and speed up the maintenance process, saving time and labor cost 2. 140° wide viewing angle, especially suitable for large-sized...Read More
  • Entertainment LED Screen

    Entertainment LED Screen

    1. 500*500mm and 500*1000mm cabinet size optional, both size can be operated by single person, saving labor cost and time 2. stainless steel spring lock, enusring fast assembling and reliable quality, largely saving both the labor cost and time, light weight panel, delicate...Read More
  • P4.8 Studio LED Display

    P4.8 Studio LED Display

    1. cable-free design, saving cable routing time and labor cost, speed up the screen installation, saving time for screen adjustment, ensuring best image effect before formal staring; ultra light and thin design,fast spring lock 2. small, thin, and light cabinet, easy for...Read More
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