Poster LED Display

  • Floor Standing LED Display

    Floor Standing LED Display

    1.The maintenance of LED Poster is snappy and so easy. You’ll will love the convenience of doing servicing and panel module replacement from the front with just a handle magnet. This method is exclusive to your LED Poster. 2.LED Poster has been engineered with latest...Read More
  • P2.5 LED Advertising Screen

    P2.5 LED Advertising Screen

    1.LED Poster is being designed in a way that it is not only a standee, it can be installed with various display method like hanging, side mounted and wall mounted. These allows you to showcase your products in varies merchandizing ways to suit your interior designs and...Read More
  • Shopping Mall LED Display

    Shopping Mall LED Display

    1.Retail is one of the most important application areas of LED poster screen. In addition to indoor retail, the application of LED poster screen in the outdoor advertising field is also rapidly developing. Whether people are waiting for traffic light or looking for a favorite...Read More
  • P2.5 LED Poster Screen

    P2.5 LED Poster Screen

    1.Part of our LED retail series, the LED Poster is a digital advertising standee that allows owners of retail businesses, restaurants, clubs, exhibitors and even organiser to feature their core products with a simplest way of uploading any video and digital static contents....Read More
  • Digital Billboard Screens

    Digital Billboard Screens

    1.Managing multiple displays via cable, 3G, 4G, WAN and LAN; One click to release, inter-cut, timing, updating AD,Operation controller inside, plug-in to use; suitable for different environment; Easy to transport & install. 2.HD Image Quality,Refresh rate up to...Read More
  • Digital Advertising Display Screens

    Digital Advertising Display Screens

    1.Front access, fast and simple ,module with intelligent control board , finish maitenance in 5 seconds ,Flexible installation ,hanging ,wall mounted ,oblique , base standing and creative installation are available 2.HD experience ,high refresh rate with 3840hz ,high...Read More
  • Retail Digital Signage Displays

    Retail Digital Signage Displays

    1.Stability, static images can be controlled in a few seconds beating, fast and slow phenomenon will not occur. There is also stability in the control management system, information dissemination and so on. 2.Poster screenj has been engineered with latest technologies to give...Read More
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