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How To Solve The Difference In Brightness Of LED Display Colors
- Jan 15, 2019 -

A good LED full color display must adapt to different temperatures, different weather, can be used normally in various occasions, and also have a good effect for far and near light, especially in large concerts, special effects The lighting should be exceptionally good, but sometimes we will find that the brightness of the LEDs is different. What is the reason for the inconsistent brightness of the LED full-color display?

How to solve the color difference of LED electronic display?

The first method is to change the current flowing through the LED. Generally, the LED tube allows the continuous working current to be about 20 mA. In addition to the saturation of the red LED, the brightness of other LEDs is substantially proportional to the current flowing through;

The second method: using the visual inertia of the human eye, using the pulse width modulation method to achieve gray control, that is, periodically changing the optical pulse width (ie, duty cycle), as long as the period of repeated lighting is short enough (ie, refresh) The frequency is high enough) that the human eye does not feel that the illuminating pixels are shaking. Since pulse width modulation is more suitable for digital control, today, with the widespread use of microcomputers to provide and display LED display content, almost all LED electronic displays use pulse width modulation to control gray levels.

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