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Four Major Values ​​of Outdoor LED Display
- Jan 04, 2019 -

1. High-end marketing value

Outdoor LED display media operators are constantly emerging, and the level of display media operators is uneven. In order to maintain its daily operation, regardless of the quality and content of advertising, it has a great disadvantage to the media image, so to further realize the differentiation of the media. As well as the healthy development of the industry, establishing a good brand image of the media, and focusing on long-term sustainable development and continuous innovation is essential, continuous innovation and improvement of media quality are very important. Some outdoor media have launched human screen interaction and QR code scanning. New technologies attract consumers to participate in the process of brand communication, thereby enhancing the integration value of media advertising.

2, the core space value

We all know that outdoor LED display media are mostly located in the core cities of the landmark part-time, as well as places where people flow more densely. With the development of the city's growing process, these places have become the main place for the mainstream people in the city to engage in business activities, leisure and entertainment shopping, so they have the characteristics of scarcity, core, etc., and become a media form with marketing value and quality. According to relevant surveys, the average annual occupancy rate of outdoor LED displays reaches 60%, and the average weekly business circle reaches 4 times.

3, high arrival rate, covering the masses

The outdoor LED display screen has large screen area, eye-catching, visual impact, wide viewing angle and colorful color. It has good viewing distance and super clear image, combined with unique space advantages, making the display media attract the urban crowd. Eyeballs. LED display has a relatively stable and repeated contact audience, which is beneficial to the effective transmission and understanding of LED display media information.

4, conducive to the conversion of advertising effects

Outdoor LED display can effectively enhance the audience's perception and attitude towards the brand. For outdoor media, respondents are more inclined to think that the brand of advertising on outdoor LED display is a strong brand and a leading brand in various industries. At the same time, the LED display advertisements have an impression of enhancing the brand and products. The advertising promotion of the products and the good brand image formed by them will play an important role in consumer purchase. After contacting the outdoor LED display advertisement, the audience behavior is affected by the advertisement, and the subsequent behavior intention is generated to form a secondary communication.

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