Glass LED Display

  • P3.9 Transparent LED Screen

    P3.9 Transparent LED Screen

    1.The screen is waterproof, dustproof and anti-crash cabinet design,make the installation and maintenance more simple and reliable,no professional technology is needed for the screen operation 2.With high quality golden-wired leds and chips,as well as the high refresh driver...Read More
  • P7.8 Transparent LED Display

    P7.8 Transparent LED Display

    1.Standard cabinet size of 1,000x500mm to assemble gold ratio led screen,customizable cabinet size to meet special requiment at various installation places,flexible and workable for different installation requirement 2.The pcb board is made of transparent material for high...Read More
  • P3.9 Glass LED Display

    P3.9 Glass LED Display

    1.Excellent pixel pitch option of horizontal 3.9mm and vertical 7.8mm,get the best balance of transparency and high definition,pictures and video are all could be displayed clearly 2.Using the high refresh driver IC to achieve high refresh rate and grey scale helps to achieve...Read More
  • P3 Glass LED Screen

    P3 Glass LED Screen

    1.High contrast ratio,large viewing angle horizontal 160 degree and vertical 140 degree,wide color gamut,anti glowing,replay the remarkable visual performance 2.High ingress protection,with the patent sealing technology,the so-called GOB technology,not only could we realize...Read More
  • P3.9 LED Glass Wall

    P3.9 LED Glass Wall

    1.With patented GOB technology in the industry,high grade protection-adopting anti-crash led manufacturing process,achieving water-proof,dust-proof,anti-crash and protecting the led against dropping from the pcb board 2.High transparency-the led strip is designed in...Read More
  • P7.8 Transparent Signage

    P7.8 Transparent Signage

    1.Aluminum die-casting cabinet gets better heat dissipation,no fans are needed anymore,complete quiet running no any noise while installed in the store or shopping mall 2.Independent cluster control system,can help to control multiple screens in differenent places,realizing...Read More
  • Shop Window LED Screen

    Shop Window LED Screen

    1.Unique patented technology get the highest protection grade IP65,cabinet frame is overlapped with glass frame perfectly, no cabinet frame can be seen,cabinet size is customized according to glass wall structure. 2.Proven sealing technique help to realize waterproof,dust...Read More
  • P4 LED Curtain Display

    P4 LED Curtain Display

    1.Slim structure design,thickness is only 50mm,weighs only 6.4kg/set,precision die-casting cabinet,assuring seamless splicing,quick lock for easy assembling,saving assembling time 2.Fixed installation and hanging installation are all available,hanging bar is offered can be...Read More
  • P3 LED Stage Screen

    P3 LED Stage Screen

    1.Standard module size 500x62.5mm,most suitable screen size could be customized according to the installation surroundings,standard series with short production period and easy installation way, so can be widely applied in shopping mall, store windows, etc. 2.Multiple...Read More
  • LED Glass Advertising Display

    LED Glass Advertising Display

    1.Increase sales volume through dynamic 3-D digital advertisements,it's more direct and attractive compared with the traditional static light box or printed signs 2.Generate added revenue by selling ad space if you would like to,with remote and cluster controller,the...Read More
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