Flexible LED Display

  • P3.9 Interactive LED Display

    P3.9 Interactive LED Display

    1.High resolution, viewers and players could have a clear perception on the displaying images, thus would not cause sense of diziness, making players enjoy themselves 2.High refresh rate, images displayed on the screen with high refresh rate have no shadow, thus increasing...Read More
  • P5 LED Gaming Display

    P5 LED Gaming Display

    1.Long-term verification, aluminum cabinet frame, solid and stable. Various application methods supportable:stacking, hanging, floor-embedded, ects. 2.Fast heat dissipation, cabinet and the diode board will not be overheated, providing comfortable sense of touching for...Read More
  • P2.5 Touch LED Display

    P2.5 Touch LED Display

    1.Strong load-bearing capacity, not afraid of car rolling: through aluminum alloy material structure design, light and stable, to ensure the high load-bearing performance of color bricks, tested: bearing weight 1000kg / m2. User-friendly design: high-resolution brings a...Read More
  • P3 Truck Screen

    P3 Truck Screen

    Our mobile LED screen trucks are very quick to setup, and are completely self-contained allowing for extreme flexibility.We have three different styles of mobile LED screens available to best suit your project. A complete screen package on a truck, offering quick, easy...Read More
  • P4 Vehicle Screen

    P4 Vehicle Screen

    Creates high brightness and energy saving,display variable video resources,animations,messages to attract attention. We can see P12 Outdoor Full Color ED Display Screen in many occasions,like Sports, advertising,traffic,entertainment,stage, events, stations, shopping...Read More
  • P4.8 Flexible LED Display

    P4.8 Flexible LED Display

    Update content centrally or locally React quickly to competitive price changes and merchandising feature changes,always ensure you are one step ahead of your rivals in the fierce competition Ultra slim and light,made of polycarbonate materials, the display is ultra slim and...Read More
  • P3.9 Soft LED Modules

    P3.9 Soft LED Modules

    Soft modules make creative products in this field, this type can be bent to suit for curved surface of certain shape, such as convex, concave and so on. Super high definition performance,enjoy the HD visual effect with pixel pitch 1.8mm,2.5mm and 3mm,easily to make concave or...Read More
  • P3 Curtain LED Screen

    P3 Curtain LED Screen

    Classical design and natural technic, reliable quality and great performance.Better cooling system, no need air condition, high transparent rate.Supporting brightness and color correcting of the whole screen. Ideal load of power and parameter setting,make screen under the...Read More
  • Curtain Fixed LED Screen

    Curtain Fixed LED Screen

    With high refresh frequency IC and high quality LED chip, super contrast, wide viewing angle, achieving perfect vivid effect.Light weight and Ultra Slim Light weight, easy to install and maintain,no need structure,save cost and increase effectiveness. With customized video,...Read More
  • Outdoor Curtain LED Display

    Outdoor Curtain LED Display

    Cabinet size can be adjusted by module size, and assuring the high transparency.The angle soldering for the building lighting projects is easily achieved.Integrated and uniformity of display effect. Increased a lot for adaptability to installation condition since maintenance...Read More
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