Fixed LED Display

  • Outdoor Fixed LED Display

    Outdoor Fixed LED Display

    1.3000:1 high contrast and >6000nits brightness, propitious to variety of outdoor events requirement, and keep the reality of video quality.With decades of proven tend being in market for decades,for sure will exceed your expectation on outdoor fixed application, available...Read More
  • Indoor Fixed LED Display

    Indoor Fixed LED Display

    1.Integrated circuit of data and power,effectively reducing the influence of natural factors to line connection. Integrated light sensor for auto brightness control.Unique rear design-fast and better heat dissipation in VMS. 2.Control system mainly includes control PC+sending...Read More
  • P6 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen

    P6 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen

    1.Optical design mask and planar fixed technology, achieve no-dark-spots quality picturs under large viewing angle.High brightness can be more than 6000nits with high fresh rate 1920Hz, which totally good for display advertising.0~6000cd/m2 brightness, meet the brightness of...Read More
  • P3.9 Indoor Fixed LED Screen

    P3.9 Indoor Fixed LED Screen

    1.LED modules and control box accept front & rear maintenance. Side spiring pin & top location pin, perfect splicing effect from top to bottom, from left to right.Convexity plate design to protest LED module and LED lamps.a specially designed product series targeting...Read More
  • P5 LED Wall

    P5 LED Wall

    1.Not only can be used for outdoor video wall,but also can be used for indoor video wall, which can show all kinds of vidoes, pictures and messages. So it's more avaiable for all kinds application. Auto-monitoring system is based on PLC as intelligent control unit,...Read More
  • P8 Outdoor LED Billboard

    P8 Outdoor LED Billboard

    1.Classical moduel design, high stable quality, smooth color,high contrast clear and nature effect,display vivid images and videos wihout any delay.It's good for advertising fixed display, and it supports the brightness and humidity Auto adjustment.IP65 front and IP54...Read More
  • P3.9 Indoor LED Billboard

    P3.9 Indoor LED Billboard

    1.Ideal load of power and parameter setting,make screen under the best working condition. Low power consumption. Wide viewing angle for larger audiences.Large block structure with simple steel frame, which makes installation efficient and easy and reduces installation time on...Read More
  • P6 LED Signs

    P6 LED Signs

    1.Seamless connecting tech.,screen flatness error <0.1mm. Innovative quick disconnected latch for module and control box can be installed/uninstalled within 5 seconds from front and back sides, instant replacing and easy maintaining.Special cabinets material with good...Read More
  • P10 Advertising LED Screen

    P10 Advertising LED Screen

    1.Supporting MBI5035 IC and PFC power supply,energy saving up to 50%.Independent module with SUM6060 IC, can realize module data records, error detection and working status feedback.The new cabinet structure design to meet the fence installation and stacked installation,...Read More
  • P16 Advertising LED Display

    P16 Advertising LED Display

    1.Display all kinds of advertisements for Outdoor fixed installation,Sending card can be installed in control PC or video processor,Receiving card is in each panel, usually one panel one receiving card.High waterproof scale, IP65 both front and back, which achieves the...Read More
  • Front Service Fixed LED Screen

    Front Service Fixed LED Screen

    1.Outdoor or indoor is optional.The control box interior is fully maintained from the front cabinet.Maintain only 2 steps. Open the module with standard tool and unscrew the keyless door lock. 2.Ultrathin body, die-casting aluminum structure, high-accuracy connection,...Read More
  • Front Service Fixed LED Display

    Front Service Fixed LED Display

    1.Multi-plyer circuit PCB, uniform current distribution, low power consumption.Support HD display.Mounted on the wall,only with simple square steel for fixing,saving much cost and time for the installation heat dissipation, prolong the life of the screen.Supports HDMI,...Read More
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